BREAKING NEWS: An unidentified man attempted suicide on independence day with inscriptions on his suicide garment (PHOTOS) 

 In a suburb area of Lagos state Nigeria Ikorodu precisely where a lot have been on going in recent times an unidentified man with a garment made from Nigeria national colours that are of green white green, with the name inscribed to its Worldpeace prince and Nigeria problems as well to every noticeable problems facing Nigeria has attempted suicide to mark along side Nigeria 57th independence anniversary over reasons yet unknown to anyone. Though he has been rescued by one local farmer who choose to remain anonymous , he was rescued at the very point of his mission where he kicks and gasped for breath he has been rushed to an undisclosed hospital where his fate alone holds the final decision against him. These words are his suicide notes inscribed at the back of the garment stated ” In my next life ask me about Nigeria biggest problem ”  Worldpeace Prince sign out.

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